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Star Gazing Pie. By Richard Knight. #kipperclub #hunkydory (at Kipper Club)


Bob Ross takes Halloween off.

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We backstage. Lampin. Cherish your breaks. #wetiredasfuckyall someone bring me coffee. (at O Town #LifeYouWantHou)

Working @Oprah #lifeyouwanthou weekend. @marlainasmith (at O Town #LifeYouWantHou)

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Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder. Join us for Toulouse-Lautrec after-hours 10/16 & 10/22. 

[Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. “Reine de joie (Queen of Joy).” 1892]

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Rilo Kiley - Science Vs. Romance
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193. Science Vs. Romance


The Art Institue of NYC has lied to students from 2008-2012 regarding their non-accredited college classes and credits. Furthermore, they accept students that do not have the required talent to even pursue a career in their field because they use them for their federal student loans and/or federal grant money.

I’m calling together all former and current Art Institute students to sign this petition and let’s get back what we deserve the most, our financial freedom!